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Government Fees

The fees associated with the Trusted Traveler programs are as follows:

Government Service
Background and security checks.

NEXUS program fee - $50.00 per person*

Global Entrance program fee - $100.00 per person

SENTRI program fee - $25.00 per person**

FAST program fee - $50.00 per person

Immigration Visa and Travel (IVT) Service
Thorough review, checking and processing of your application.
IVT service fee - $139.99 per person*
payable in addition to the government fees.

* children under 18 are exempt from all fees for NEXUS and some fees (but not all) for SENTRI. Government fees are non-refundable.

** Please note: Every SENTRI applicant must pay additional fees which are payable at the SENTRI interview:
Fingerprint Fee
: $17.25 (for all applicants over 14 years and over)
System Costs Fee
: $80.00 per adult (child applicants exempt)
Additional Vehicle Registration Fee
: $42.00

If you are familiar with the CBP government system and wish to apply directly with them, you can do it here without paying the IVT service fee.


IVT Service Fee

IVT specializes in the checking, processing and monitoring Trusted Traveler applications. Our dedicated staff is well-informed of all the latest updates in government policies, well-trained in all aspects of the application process, and are able to trouble-shoot any glitches in your application. The IVT service fee is for the thorough review, checking and processing of your application. The IVT fee associated with the Trusted Traveler programs is as follows:

The IVT service fee must be paid first - your application cannot be processed unless you have made a transaction.

Government fees will be paid using the credit card included on your application form.

IVT provide the following services to ensure your Trusted Traveler experience is fast and hassle free:
  • A few simple steps to secure your Trusted Traveler card;
  • Convenient - we deal with government fees and requirements on your behalf;
  • All questions answered within 24 hours;
  • Printable application form - avoid online crashes;
  • Time saving Family Application Forms;
  • Automatic Renewal Notifications;
  • Straightforward application form with no government jargon;
  • Error checking service to avoid unnecessary delays;
  • Dedicated application support - missing documentation notifications;
  • Application status updates;
  • Assistance with your conditional approval letter;
  • Optional interview appointment scheduling;
  • Useful interview tips;
  • Your login details securely stored for future referrals;

Inaccurate or incomplete application forms are automatically denied access to the Trusted Traveler program.


Refunds Policy

IVT strive to provide every client with an efficient and flawless service. However we appreciate that there may be times when you wish to cancel our service. We will refund your IVT fee payment in full if you have not submitted an application form or have not provided us with all of the information we need to successfully process your application. In this instance, please email IVT immediately at info@immigrationvisaforms.com. You don’t have to give a reason for your refund request, just be sure to provide us with the transaction ID so that we can trace your payment.  You will receive your refund within 24 hours of us receiving your notification. You must make a refund request within 45 days of purchasing our service. We cannot make refunds when an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form, which you agreed to when you submitted your application to IVT. However if you believe that we have not carried out our work according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form please email us – IVT is always reasonable and we’re willing to help. We cannot refund fees paid to government agencies. To receive a refund for this fee you must contact the relevant agency directly.